About Me

I have been DJing about 20 years in an industry where most DJ's are only around for a few years and can be unreliable. i specialise in weddings and have DJ'd hundreds of successful weddings. If you would like to know more please contact me so we can arrange a meeting.

Some History

Hi and welcome to my website, thanks for the visit, if you are getting married and are looking for a great Wedding DJ you've come to the right place. Choosing a person you trust to be a part of your wedding day is a big factor when you are planning a wedding. I've been doing this for over twenty years, and have been involved with hundreds of successful weddings. I back that up with many recommendations and client referrals. I won't sell your wedding on to another DJ company or hire an other DJ to do the job. I use the latest technology that I own and deliver exceptional weddings.  I would love the opportunity to give you a quote, or to organise an introductory meeting.


I have been DJing 20 plus years. The service I offer now is worlds apart from when I first started. I became a wedding entertainment specialist about 8 years ago, adding specialist equipment and extra services where needed.

Master of ceremonies

About 4 years ago I added an optional Master of ceremonies service. Having seen and heard many good and bad MC’s, It has been easier to pick up on what works and what doesn’t. Reading books, purchasing courses on the subject , joining toastmasters for a time, and some experience in teaching, has all helped becoming a more rounded MC. I have put together an MC planner, which takes you through the day and discusses time lines and adding some personalization.


What music do you play? is a common question I get, my reply is, I play the music you want to hear. There are many parts of the day from background music during canape's to the dance music all will be discussed and personalised to your tatses. The way I do this is by getting to know what you like and would like to hear at your wedding during the different parts of the day. For couples who don't want to get too involved that's fine also you can have as much or little input as you want. The way music can effect mood and uplift you is something most get, and so very important to get right when you are DJing at a wedding. Having DJ'd hundreds of successful weddings you get a feel for what might work or what might bomb and I will let you know if that may be the case, the final decision is yours.



I believe your wedding day and the entertainment should be enjoyable, fun, memorable, and be as stress free as possible.