QDo you do announcements and introductions and would you be able to be our Master of Ceremonies for us?

AA. Yes. I am happy to do announcements and introductions for you, they may include any special impromtu announcements that need to be made on the day. I can also offer to be your master of ceremonies, MC duties involves extra effort and organisation on the day. A planner is sent out to help with the time lines and flow of the day. The MC service is an optional extra and a small charge is applicable.

QHow much do you charge?

AAlthough not your only concern I'm sure. I know everybody has to work to some sort of budget. I am confident that I can offer you the best value in terms of dollars and service. ?Cost is largely dependent on your requirements. Factors that effect cost are time required, day of the week, and location. I will offer you good incentives and discounted rates if I am not booked for a particular day/date. For availability and a more accurate quote please contact me. ?Some DJ's use poor equipment, others hire out inexperienced DJ's, and some charge excessively. For clients thinking about using an ipod, remember an ipod is just a gadget like a digital camera. A good DJ can get the party started and keep it going.

QDo you play the songs we want ... do you have music lists?

AYes ?. I will play your songs that you request, and I won't play the songs you have listed that you don't want to hear. You can set out your requests in a music planner that I provide, and also request songs on the day. I carry thousands of popular songs. ?I do provide music lists. I don't list every song we carry but give you selections of the best and most popular choices. Example. Genres: Kiwi/ Rock'n'Roll /Rock/Disco/Country/Jazz/60's/70's/80's/90's 2000/ Recent and also lists of Special songs: Entrance/First Dance/ Father Daughter/Throwing Bouquet. ?Lists are sent with music planner upon booking.

QDo you provide lighting and a microphone for speeches?

AYes ?I am always updating with recently purchasing a new laser and LED effect. I buy professional brands from reputable dealers. ?I do provide a professional grade wireless microphone for your speeches. ?I provide professional equipment for your function which makes the difference.

Can we discuss our wedding day and ask you questions .. and meet with you?

AYes ? I will work in with you and your plans. I can offer advice if wanted, but I won't try and control your day, ?An introductory meeting can be arranged without obligation to booking. With clients that have booked I recommend a meeting 1-2 weeks before the wedding day to discuss and go over final details. ?You will not have to wait days for replies to your questions. I respond quickly to answer emails and questions. I will also contact you 3-4 days before your function date to check that all the details are still correct. ?All payments are receipted and invoiced for your records and mine.

QWill you be our DJ?

AYes! ?I do not hire out other DJ's due to unreliability and client disappointment.

QHave you worked at our venue before.. it has sound restrictions?

AI have DJ'd at many venues around Auckland and Franklin. I am an experienced DJ so know how to cope with different venues. ?A selection of excellent recommended wedding venues I have DJ'd at: ?The Wharf- Toto- Carringtons- Castaways-Fernz-Formosa Resort-Hyatt Regency-Footbridge Lodge-Howick Club-Northridge Country Club- Auckland Golf Club- Ellerslie Convention Centre-Alexander Park- Waipuna Lodge-Aotea Centre- Mantells- Beaufords- Langtons- Highwic/Clifford House- Duders- McHughes- Romfords- Kumeu Valley Estate- Gracehill Vineyard- Gulf Harbour Yacht Club-Takapuna Boating Club. I also sometimes DJ outside of Auckland. ?A. With regards to sound restrictions. The professional sound systems I use can be altered to produce less bass which is the main cause of problems. At weddings and functions I do not blast guests. The volume is always monitored and adjusted in accordance with venue and guests.


QHow will you and your equipment look at our wedding?

AI believe when you go to the expense of hiring an elegant venue it should not be spoilt by huge ugly speakers and lighting rigs. I use black table skirts and place equipment discreetly. I incorporate LED up lighting to enhance your venue. When the dancing starts I use sound activated LED lighting and modern laser effects that do not blind your guests. I wear smart black shoes, trousers and black shirt. ?I have seen DJ's show up in casual jeans, grubby shirt, or sneakers... not just the cheap ones. ?Don't let the DJ and his equipment ruin the look of your day when you have invested so much in it. Photos and video have been provided.